Rubber Foam Pads- NON SLIP- Adhesive Peel and Stick

$ 10.00

Want to safeguard your surfaces from scuffs without frequent refinishing? You're in luck! Rubber Sheet Warehouse introduces Non-Slip Rubber Pads, featuring specialized technology for effortless stability.

Bid farewell to sliding furniture with these non-skid self-adhesive rubber pads, engineered to anchor furniture legs securely on any slippery surface. They're not just for floor safety – perfect for securing tables, shelves, and more!


Discover the outstanding features of our surface protectors:

  • Non-slip pads: Simple DIY application – just remove the protective layer and attach the adhesive side to the furniture bottom that contacts the floor.
  • No more worries about them slipping off! Our non-skid floor protectors boast the sturdiest adhesive material for enduring durability.
  • Say goodbye to scraping noises and floor marks – our non-slip self-adhesive rubber pads keep your furniture firmly in place.
  • Compatible with all hard surfaces in your home, eliminating the need for multiple pad types and saving you time and money.

Available in different sizes to meet the needs of any small to large project. 

Rubber Sheet Warehouse® offers the following sizes:

 .160" thick x 1" x 4"

.160" thick x 4" x 6"

.160" thick x 1" diameter round