Non- Slip GRIP STRIPS - BLACK- 7PCS (2" wide x 8.5" Long )

$ 11.99
SKU 1000

Making tight spots less slippery shouldn't be a hassle. That's why we've simplified the process, ensuring you have a reliable grip from the get-go.

From your slick shoe soles to your wireless keyboard's base, our package contains 7 pre-cut Grip Strips, ready for immediate use.

 Measuring 2” wide x 8 ½” long, these strips can be applied as they are or trimmed for tailored fit.

Simply peel, stick, and relish in slip-free assurance!

Each package of Grip Strips contains 7 strips, measuring 2” wide by 8 ½” long, ideal for:

  • Providing stable footing in slippery bathtubs or showers, or on treadmill or walker handlebars.
  • Safely securing hanging frames and wall decorations without harming your walls.
  • Keeping floor lamps in place on various flooring surfaces like wood, travertine, and tile.
  • Enhancing grip on decorative items displayed on nightstands, counters, dining tables, coffee tables, and bookshelves, and more!

With Non-Abrasive Grip Strips, achieving a secure grip in confined spaces has never been easier!

 Crafted by Rubber Sheet Warehouse, our Grip Strips offer a non-abrasive solution, ensuring a firm hold without compromising comfort. You can trust that Grip Strips won't scratch your furniture, floors, car dashboard, or any surface they adhere to, thanks to our patent-pending grippy, non-sticky material.

Waterproof and versatile, Grip Strips can be applied to cleaning tools, outdoor items exposed to rain, and areas near sinks or in showers/bathtubs. Take them on your boat too, securing fishing tackle, first aid supplies, and navigation units on the console.

Manufactured with PEVA (Polyethylene-vinyl acetate), these strips feature superior grip compared to rubber. Lightweight, flexible, and impact-resistant, they offer reliable traction in various conditions.

Environmentally conscious, all Rubber Sheet Warehouse products, including Grip Strips, are 100% recyclable, reducing landfill waste. 

As the premier manufacturer of non-slip products, Rubber Sheet Warehouse guarantees performance.

With Grip Strips, you can trust in proven results.

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