Viton FKM (Fluoroelastomer) Black 75A+/-5 Cinnamon Scented

$ 10.00
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  • High Performance-typical applications include gaskets, seals, washers, shims, pads, joints or parts that require severe operating conditions and resistance
  • Resilient, hi-tech elastomer with excellent resistance to many chemicals and outdoor elements.
  • Withstands weathering from UV, ozone, heat, fuels, gasoline, water, acids and hydrocarbons.
  • Strong and flexible-1250 min PSI with 200% elongation capacity. Never face the inconvenience of weak rubber. Stays flexible over wide temperature range
  • Excellent for long-term exposure to harsh environments and demanding conditions
  • Temperature range - 22°F to +483°F
  • Cinnamon Scented for easy identification between other materials
  • Hardness 75 Shore A Durometer +/-5