Silicone Cellular Sponge | Foam AMS-3195

This product has been used typically for general applications requiring closed-cell, medium sponge rubber that will be flexible from -75 to +205 "'C (-103 to +401 °F), but usage is not limited to such applications. Compression set may be high at the higher temperature. 

Property Units Typical Value Test Method
Compression Deflection PSI 7.0 ASTM D1056
Tensile Strength PSI 108 ASTM D412
Elongation % 120 ASTM D412

Compression Set
50% Compression, 24 Hours Recovery,
22 Hours @ 100°C (212°F)


% 25 ASTM D1056
Density ld.ft3 20
ASTM D3574
Water Absorption % <3 ASTM D1056
Temperature °F -100 to +500 ASTM D746