.125" 1/8" Neoprene All Purpose Rubber Strip 50 Foot long Strip (1.5mm) – Perfect for Gaskets, Liners, Weather Stripping- Skirtboard - Commercial Grade 60A+/-5 Med Hard

$ 65.00
SKU NEO 125-1-50

The Singular Material That Really CAN Do It All!

 The Perfect-Sized Rubber Sheets For Most Uses

 We offer rubber sheets and rolls of all types, dimensions, and volumes.

 -         Arts and crafts that need a flexible, strong material that holds its shape

-         DIY rubber gaskets are easy to make with these premium rubber sheets

-         Pads to reduce noise or protect from abrasion –furniture, appliances, or anywhere else!

-         Absorbing any kind of impact, hammering or vibration

-         Cushion or soften sharp edges

-         Even form a water-tight seal

 USA-Manufacturer (With Excellent Customer Service)

 Rubber Sheet Warehouse is one of the leading global manufacturers of rubber – we supply the world with some of the best rubber available anywhere. Our rubber is well-known for its exceptional quality - its strength, firmness, flexibility, and durability under a wide range of temperatures and applications.

 It it’s tough enough for “the big boys” – who use it on things like airplanes and tires for super heavy machinery – then we figure it ought to be tough enough for the at-home DIY projects.

 But just in case it isn’t, for any reason – we’ve also got a passion for customer service. With over 30 years in this industry, we’ve heard everything and we’ve helped our clients resolve every issue.

 Feel free to give us a call. Now THAT’S an offer you won’t see many rubber manufacturers making! That’s what makes Rubber Sheet Warehouse DIFFERENT.


Product features

  • [Super High Quality Rubber] - Rubber Sheet Warehouse is a leading global distributor of rubber products with over 30 years of experience. Our rubber is manufactured right here in the USA and our quality is second-to-none. We fulfill orders for all shapes and quantities.
  • [Strong, Durable, Flexible] - Our rubber is prized for its exceptional durability, stretch, and strength. It remains firm and flexible in a wide range of temperatures and conditions, making it suitable for almost any imaginable use.
  • [DIY Projects Galore] - Easily cut these rubber sheets into DIY gaskets, pads, seals, crafts, and much more! Rubber is used in almost everything these days - prized for its long life, cushioning, water-proof qualities and flexibility.
  • [Cut Down On Noise] - Prevent unwanted vibration in your stereo, on furniture and washing and drying machines. Rubber is the best material in the entire world for absorbing impact and vibration.
  • [Superior Sealant & Protectant] - Our rubber sheets can be used to seal plumbing, insulate electrical wires, and even protect your hardwood floors with its cushioning properties.